Easily Create And Mail Cards That Look Genuinely Handwritten.

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    We’ll design your cards for free, with your custom logo / branding.
    The message inside looks genuinely handwritten - can even use your own.
    We can help with your messaging as well.
    We assemble the orders and import your list for you for free.
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    Much more impactful than digital messaging, with first class stamps
    and premium paper. This yields a nearly 100% open rate,
    yet it’s cheaper than buying clicks online.
    Prices for 501c-3 orgs are about half our regular rates.
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    Mike L., (Philadelphia), mailed 7900 cards for his organization said:
    “Been getting a lot of response. Several have donated already
    based on the card alone – and didn’t even wait for the
    appeal letter….am sure we will keep doing this.
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    AFP says “Outside of doing the work your nonprofit exists to do,
    retaining donors is the single most important thing” you can do. But retention is key because 75% of donors leave after a year. AFP cautions against occasional boilerplate letters, saying what donors care most about is a prompt, handwritten thank you.