Happy Donors is great for improving donor outreach and increasing donations

Happy Donors Benefits Non-profits with Cards that Look Genuinely Handwritten

It is well known that sending personalized, handwritten correspondence can be critical for non-profits and create goodwill with donors.  But because it is laborious to do, it is often neglected. Use Happy Donors to easily send acknowledgements to donors with handwriting that looks completely authentic (our specialty), or to just reach out. Focus on the content of the message rather than writing it by hand over and over.  We offer our service to non-profits at a much reduced rate.


In addition to being able to easily personalize all messages, you can:

  • Use your own logo / branding on the cover (we will do this for you), and you can include enclosures.
  • Use any of our custom handwriting styles, or upload your own, to best approximate the real thing.

Great Pricing

Our pricing for non-profits is significanlty lower than our regular pricing, and is cheaper per card than a typical paid click.

Highest Quality

We print on premium, heavy weight stock.

Quickly Send to Your Entire Recipient List

Happy Donors makes it easy to quickly import your contacts.  With just a few clicks, you can send amazing-looking cards to your entire list.

Other Advantages to Notes from Happy Donors

  • Can send them with greater regularity, and in larger amounts, than if writing by hand
  • Individual message personalization becomes more practical
  • Can automate the process of sending notes using to preset rules, such as minimum donation.

See excerpts from an AFP distributed ebook on the Importance of Retaining Donors, and of Using Thank You Cards To Do So.


With Happy Donors users can....

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